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The Pandemonian Pantheon
Gods of Pandemonium
Most of the deities from Ancient Mesopotamia eventually became the most well-known demons in occult circles, or disappeared from most records entirely, fading into obscurity or fusing with similar deities through the ages. While humanity abandoned their worship of such beings almost entirely as the Judeo-Christian faith began to take over the Middle East and beyond, the demons of Pandemonium still venerate some of these "demon gods" alongside a few other beings in their own realm. Forming a pantheon not unlike those of other polytheistic faiths, the deities of Pandemonium are often given prayers for specific situations related to their aspects and domains of influence. While not a highly religious sort, many demons understand that sometimes beseeching a higher power in a realm as magical as theirs can actually result in an intervention in their favor.
El: The mysterious King of the Gods and high father deity akin to the likes of Odin or Zeus,
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Dalia Story part 3
Dalia whimpered as she glanced around, surrounded by crates in a dimly lit room. She had been tied up to a chair, with Nora looming over her with a wicked grin on her face. Jane and Julie stood behind her with their arms crossed.
   "You know, I've gotten tired of looking at you walking around school as if you own the place", Nora remarked as she began to open a large container. "Those unsightly boobs of yours, that way you never seem to get any weight despite eating entire buffets!"
Dalia struggled against the ropes binding her torso and legs, watching Nora slowly approach with a cheeseburger in her hand. Nora stuffed it into Dalia's mouth, watching her eat it while taking out more.
   "I'm not letting you leave until you look more like a whale than a cow", Nora said while feeding Dalia with more burgers. "I bet even you can't eat a whole warehouse full of food!"
Dalia felt the ropes tightening around her chest as she was forced to eat more and more, her face blush
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Dalia Story part 2
Dalia couldn't help but grin as she saw Nora laughing over gossip with Julie and Jane. The trio seemed unaware of Dalia sneaking up on them with her cellphone in hand.
   "Nora!", Dalia suddenly called out, alerting the students at the hallway to the scene. "You've got some explaining to do", she added as Nora turned around to face her.
   "Huh? What do you want now, you dumb cow?", Nora asked while frowning, crossing her arms while Jane and Julie took a step back. Dalia shoved the cellphone close to Nora's face, the picture sharing site open on the screen.
   "You were the one posting these nasty comments!", Dalia declared accusingly. "What do you have to say for yourself?"
   "Those are anonymous comments, idiot", Nora responded in a deadpan tone. Dalia gazed at the screen in disbelief, only now realizing her error. The other girls in the hallway began to laugh out loud. Dalia’s face turned red and her eyes began to well up as Nora gave h
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Nina in Color :iconicyshadowlord:Icyshadowlord 18 11
Written works revolving around my many Original Characters and their stories, collaborations done with other Deviants and some commissioned works of said characters.

Human mages studying the arts, demons and other humanoid creatures feuding for power and wealth, devils plotting to enslave all of humanity and angels venturing forth on holy crusades as well as more secret operations.

Epic battles, annoying misunderstandings, perverted jokes and lots of other shenanigans usually ensues.



So, turns out I might have tenosynovitis. My right arm is in immense pain, to the point I was unable to sleep last night.

I have had a few days off from school, which I had used to keep writing and to help my new roommate move in. Mayhaps I strained my arm too much and got this as a prize for my troubles.

Thankfully I have the meds to treat it now, though according to some sources I looked up, I might have a tough time doing much for a few weeks. I guess time will tell, but yeah, this really sucks.
Time for some good news, bad news.

Good news - I passed the first of the three exams rather well.

Bad news - I've had a headache all day, and still do. I also probably failed at the second exam I had, but time will tell on that front.

One more to go...
One exam down, two more to go. I'm also a tad disappointed at the lack of comments on my journal entry. I worked hard on that one...
So, as you all might know, I am a fan of Dark Souls. However, I am not sure if you all know that the SoulsBorne line of games started with another title, and that I've now had the chance to try out every game in said franchise. That said, I have yet to fully clear Bloodborne, and the second DLC for Dark Souls III has yet to arrive. The developers have said that Dark Souls III will be the final Souls game though, so I figured a little retrospective wouldn't hurt at this point. So, here are my experiences with the series of difficult but awesome games featuring doomed kingdoms, souls in despair and a lone hero out to change things, for better or for worse.

Demon's Souls - The game that started it all (at least for some of us), a PS3-exclusive title telling the tale of Boletaria, a kingdom beset by demons born of of a mysterious colorless fog. Many heroes entered the realm to find answers, but they have all disappeared (presumed dead no doubt), and you are a lone adventurer set out to stop the demons (or perhaps join them) armed with your trusty weapons and armor. Unfortunately for you, while the common folk with their souls devoured are easy prey, the demons are far beyond mere mortals, and you probably die horribly to the tutorial boss like I once did.

An ambitious project to be sure, the game had an interesting style to it (the minimalist style of story-telling started here too), a relatively intuitive combat system that required adapting to a given situation for success (you had the options to block, dodge or parry attacks for defensive options, some working better in other situations than others), and tough enemies with only a few parts that felt completely unfair in the later parts of the game. Thus, Demon's Souls was a promising start for the series despite being clunky in comparison to the games that followed. The lore was interesting (the Berserk references sprinkled here and there were a nice touch), and at least one boss fight remains as one of THE most memorable gaming moments for me till this day.

This game had no DLC, but was a solid package from start till finish that stands well on its own despite the flaws it had. If I had to give it a score, it'd be a solid 8/10.

Dark Souls - Probably the first of the Souls games for a lot of people, this one is probably still considered by many to be the best out of all the SoulsBorne games. The world was once without fire, a grey and lifeless realm ruled by the everlasting dragons. Time passed, and gods rose alongside the flame to take the land from the dragons. However, the age of fire is ending, and humanity has been beset by a curse turning them undead. You, a lone prisoner awaiting the moment you lose your mind completely as a result of the curse, are set free to wander the world, the only clue to your destiny being a prophecy regarding a chosen undead who rings the bell of awakening.

All the mechanics from Demon's Souls remain in this game as well, though polished and refined to a great degree. One major change was limiting spellcasting to a finite amount instead of having an MP bar like in Demon's Souls, but weapons, dodging, rolling and parrying worked more or less the same way as they did in the previous game. This one had a new setting, new enemies and landscapes as well as another interesting tale of its own to tell. While the main character of Demon's Souls (commonly called the Slayer of Demons) is basically a human who ends up becoming a demon, this game's protagonist (the Chosen Undead as some call him/her/it) is an undead who starts to approach the realm of the gods as he fights through what remains of them and other horrors lurking in the darkening, doomed world.

The game's DLC, Artorias of the Abyss, introduces the player to a lore-character mentioned at least on a few occasions in the main game, but was left unseen until that point. Another tragic tale in the land of Lordran, it also tells the tale of a city taken by darkness, as well as a creature seeking something he had lost but never managed to reclaim. This DLC also introduced a few infamous spells for a caster type character, alongside some cool weapons and a sufficiently challenging optional boss with a very cool design. For all that it had, it was a welcome addition to the game and well worth the price.

As I had mentioned earlier, this game is considered by many to be the best of the series, and I tend to agree. If I had to give it a score, it'd be a 10/10.

Dark Souls II - An ambitious but ultimately flawed project undertaken by FromSoft's B-Team, Dark Souls II is a sequel many find to be the weakest link in the SoulsBorne series. Once more, the fire has begun to fade, but you are more worried about where the undead curse came from and how to cure it as it slowly begins to sap you of your memories. Taking a leap of faith to a realm that might hold the answers, you awaken in the land of Drangleic, where the once-mighty kingdom has fallen to ruin after a devastating war between the local humans as well as giants who came from a far-off land. The king has gone missing, and the queen has locked herself up in her castle. They might be the ones who hold the answers, but there are many threats that lie in wait before you can enter Drangleic Castle itself.

The team that worked on this game probably gathered up all the complaints people had about the first game's flaws and went about to try and fix them, only to unintentionally create new problems along the way. Some changes made no sense either way, like making jumping a separately done deal instead of it being something you do at the end of a running roll movement. Weapons and armor broke far more easily than in the previous game, enemies stopped respawning after they were killed enough many times, and the dodge roll invincibility frames got attached to an additional stat you had to invest levels into. The speed at which you could use healing items was also drastically reduced, making the gameplay far more punishing than it should have been for a lot of people. All in all, the intention of the developers were no doubt good, but the execution ended up lackluster.

For all the flaws the game had, there are good things to speak of as well. The array of weapons and armor was once again expanded, with this game probably having the most visually appealing armor sets and weapons thus far. A dual-wielding system of combat called Powerstance was also introduced, which was completely absent from the first game (dual-wielding was very impractical in Dark Souls actually), giving a lot of new combat options alongside the new spells and other goodies given by the game. Dark Souls II also had not one, not two, but three pieces of DLC, all of which were much better than most of the main game in my opinion (and as far as I know, many fans agree with me on that). Three fallen kingdoms, each with a magical crown lying somewhere in the ruins, await the Bearer of the Curse, alongside many other treasures long buried alongside them.

Despite the many failings of the game, I quite enjoyed it back in the day I actually got it, and the DLC content did help my opinion of it. If I had to give it a score, it'd be an 8/10.

Bloodborne - Something of an odd one out in the series, this game is the reason why it's now called the SoulsBorne series instead of just the Souls series of games. Bloodborne is also exclusive to the PS4, with a drastically different setting more in tune with gothic horror (with a bit of another horror genre as well judging from some game mechanics I've run into) than dark fantasy. It is also the only game so far I have yet to fully play till the end, so I cannot give it all that much information on it yet.

What I can say however is that it is far more fast-paced and ruthless than the Souls games by virtue of there being no shields available. The main weapons you have are a melee weapon (usually with two different modes) and a gun (ranging from old pistols to blunderbusses), the former for slashing, stabbing or smashing enemies, and the latter for defending yourself by timing your shots so you stun the enemies trying to strike you. Your only other defense are defensive dodges and rolling, which doesn't always save you from the ravenous beasts and crazed villagers out to kill you since all the armor available are light coats and similar garb instead of the heavy metal armor of the Souls games.

My first impressions have been good so far, but I'll hold off on giving it a score for now. I might just make a separate journal entirely for this game.

Dark Souls III - The latest (and final) entry to the Dark Souls series of games, Dark Souls III seems to be aiming for a grand finale for the tale of Lordran as well as the world at large, setting up a scenario where despite all the attempts to keep the flame alive, it's starting to fade out for real this time. The Lords of Cinder who could rekindle it have all run off while the embers struggle to remain, and this apocalypse begins to converge near the kingdom of Lothric, where an Unkindled (an undead so weak they wouldn't even work as kindling for the first flame) awakens, tasked with dragging the Lords back to their thrones, dead or alive. With the power of their souls, it is up to this chosen adventurer to either link the flame once more, or let it finally fade out completely.

So one major difference I noticed between this and earlier Souls games is that it took a cue from Bloodborne, getting much more fast-paced combat wise though not quite with the same intense tempo to it. The mana bar from Demon's Souls is back (now called Focus instead), and the game makes several callbacks to the previous installments, though a lot more to the first game than the second (there are lore reasons for that though). For the most part, it has all the same good sides of it as the previous games, though it also did away with some of the more glaring flaws that Dark Souls II had, while also making some milder adjustments here and there. In addition to some weapons being specifically made for dual-wielding, they also added in Weapon Arts, special techniques and/or stances for an array of weapons.

Most of the complaints I have about this game might come across as minor nitpicks, such as most weapons available requiring investment in both Strength and Dexterity instead of one or the other exclusively, limiting strong character options. Spells have also taken a hit to being rather weak in both PvE and PvP compared to the borderline broken status they had in previous games. It also didn't give that much new things in the way of the basic mechanics, but that might be a good thing for some. There are two DLCs released for the game, the first having interesting lore and weaponry added with it, but it was a tad short and the bosses were mildly disappointing, each for their own specific reasons I will not delve into here. I have higher hopes for the second DLC, as it seems to be the conclusion of the story arc, and the series as a whole. I would be feeling rather annoyed if it fails to live up to the expectations.

With all that said, Dark Souls III might not shine as bright as Dark Souls I, but it is a good grand finale for a loved (and hated) series of games. If I had to give it a score now, it'd be a 9/10.

We'll see if the second DLC will affect my judgement on that part...


Hopefully you don't mind the length of this little retrospective, but I am sure you'll find something to comment upon here. I wouldn't mind discussing the finer details of the games, or anything I might have forgotten to mention here. And with that, I must depart to attend to other things. Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend.
Three exams next week. I've been reading up on them, but still feel nervous. I planned to do a journal today, but it got delayed. Tomorrow it is then!


I'm a dude from Finland, and a general lover of art.

After some thought put into it, I've planned to become a professional writer.

Long way from getting there, but I have been writing for a good six years by now.

Just to say that I'm around here so I can chat with my friends once in a while, and also meet new people here.

Current Residence: Finland
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
MP3 player of choice: No real preference
Shell of choice: Same
Wallpaper of choice: Depends
Skin of choice: Depends
Favourite character: Varies
Personal Quote: ''What was I thinking about again?''
So, turns out I might have tenosynovitis. My right arm is in immense pain, to the point I was unable to sleep last night.

I have had a few days off from school, which I had used to keep writing and to help my new roommate move in. Mayhaps I strained my arm too much and got this as a prize for my troubles.

Thankfully I have the meds to treat it now, though according to some sources I looked up, I might have a tough time doing much for a few weeks. I guess time will tell, but yeah, this really sucks.


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