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The Pandemonian Pantheon
Gods of Pandemonium
Most of the deities from Ancient Mesopotamia eventually became the most well-known demons in occult circles, or disappeared from most records entirely, fading into obscurity or fusing with similar deities through the ages. While humanity abandoned their worship of such beings almost entirely as the Judeo-Christian faith began to take over the Middle East and beyond, the demons of Pandemonium still venerate some of these "demon gods" alongside a few other beings in their own realm. Forming a pantheon not unlike those of other polytheistic faiths, the deities of Pandemonium are often given prayers for specific situations related to their aspects and domains of influence. While not a highly religious sort, many demons understand that sometimes beseeching a higher power in a realm as magical as theirs can actually result in an intervention in their favor.
El: The mysterious King of the Gods and high father deity akin to the likes of Odin or Zeus,
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Dalia Story part 3
Dalia whimpered as she glanced around, surrounded by crates in a dimly lit room. She had been tied up to a chair, with Nora looming over her with a wicked grin on her face. Jane and Julie stood behind her with their arms crossed.
   "You know, I've gotten tired of looking at you walking around school as if you own the place", Nora remarked as she began to open a large container. "Those unsightly boobs of yours, that way you never seem to get any weight despite eating entire buffets!"
Dalia struggled against the ropes binding her torso and legs, watching Nora slowly approach with a cheeseburger in her hand. Nora stuffed it into Dalia's mouth, watching her eat it while taking out more.
   "I'm not letting you leave until you look more like a whale than a cow", Nora said while feeding Dalia with more burgers. "I bet even you can't eat a whole warehouse full of food!"
Dalia felt the ropes tightening around her chest as she was forced to eat more and more, her face blush
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Dalia Story part 2
Dalia couldn't help but grin as she saw Nora laughing over gossip with Julie and Jane. The trio seemed unaware of Dalia sneaking up on them with her cellphone in hand.
   "Nora!", Dalia suddenly called out, alerting the students at the hallway to the scene. "You've got some explaining to do", she added as Nora turned around to face her.
   "Huh? What do you want now, you dumb cow?", Nora asked while frowning, crossing her arms while Jane and Julie took a step back. Dalia shoved the cellphone close to Nora's face, the picture sharing site open on the screen.
   "You were the one posting these nasty comments!", Dalia declared accusingly. "What do you have to say for yourself?"
   "Those are anonymous comments, idiot", Nora responded in a deadpan tone. Dalia gazed at the screen in disbelief, only now realizing her error. The other girls in the hallway began to laugh out loud. Dalia’s face turned red and her eyes began to well up as Nora gave h
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Written works revolving around my many Original Characters and their stories, collaborations done with other Deviants and some commissioned works of said characters.

Human mages studying the arts, demons and other humanoid creatures feuding for power and wealth, devils plotting to enslave all of humanity and angels venturing forth on holy crusades as well as more secret operations.

Epic battles, annoying misunderstandings, perverted jokes and lots of other shenanigans usually ensues.



Sorry about the lack of a journal. Things happened.
Been a while since my last Journal entry. I should get on that today.
It feels strange, seeing that we're already past the mid-point of April. It feels like the months after January just flew by in an instant. But I need to keep treading along the path without losing my way.
So many games to play, so little time...
So, the final DLC of Dark Souls III came out, the Ringed City.

While it seems pretty cool, atmospheric and containing interesting lore, there is one major flaw that is driving me up the wall. The enemy placement encourages running past everything or co-oping, and the enemies are way too troublesome to deal with if you are on NG+ or beyond.

My first run was on NG+3, and it's felt more like pulling teeth than a legitimate Dark Souls experience. I still want to clear the area with my main character before going to it with other ones, but this seems like a really sad way for the series to end; the earlier DLC was short but mostly fun compared to this one.


I'm a dude from Finland, and a general lover of art.

After some thought put into it, I've planned to become a professional writer.

Long way from getting there, but I have been writing for a good six years by now.

Just to say that I'm around here so I can chat with my friends once in a while, and also meet new people here.

Current Residence: Finland
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
MP3 player of choice: No real preference
Shell of choice: Same
Wallpaper of choice: Depends
Skin of choice: Depends
Favourite character: Varies
Personal Quote: ''What was I thinking about again?''
So, turns out I might have tenosynovitis. My right arm is in immense pain, to the point I was unable to sleep last night.

I have had a few days off from school, which I had used to keep writing and to help my new roommate move in. Mayhaps I strained my arm too much and got this as a prize for my troubles.

Thankfully I have the meds to treat it now, though according to some sources I looked up, I might have a tough time doing much for a few weeks. I guess time will tell, but yeah, this really sucks.


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